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UV Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Machine


Product Code: UV-3


UV-3 UV Laser Marker is a high-tech product integrating laser technology, optics, fine machine and electronic technology and computer science. It adopt signal worktable. This machine can be used to produce various symbols or markings on a surface of products, is capable of marking or engraving all suitable surfaces, including various metallic products (such as steel, aluminium, iron, copper, etc.) and most of non-metallic material (such as plastics, ABS, ceramics and so on).

System characters:

UV-3 UV Laser Marker is developed based on 355nm ultraviolet laser. The laser has independent intellectual property.
355nm ultraviolet laser can achieve tiny focuses point and it almost has no HAZ(heat affect zone), so it is mainly used for super precision marking, special material marking and engraving.
 Wider material suitable  Excellent beam quality
 Small HAZ prevents material from damaging
 High marking speed, high efficiency and super precision
 Low cost of ownership
 Long lifetime

Laser Output Power3W
Wavelength355 nm
Laser Repetition Frequency 8-200 KHz
Marking Scope100mm×100mm(standard)
Marking Speed≤7000mm/s
Min. Line Width0.015mm
Min. Character Size0.3mm
Repetition Precision±0.003mm
CoolingWater Cooling
Input Power220V/ 50HZ (60HZ)/16A
Power Consumption1.5 KW

 HDPE marking
 Food and medicine packing material (aluminium film etc.) marking and drilling (Can drill tiny hole less than 10um)
 Soft PCB marking and slicing
 Thin film removal
 Silicon wafer tiny hole and dead hole processing.